Ladybird Adrift available in print now!

If you’re anything like me, you probably prefer print books to digital ones. There’s something about the weight of a new book in your hand that’s somehow more comforting than a Kindle or Nook, right? Not to mention, I love the look of a well-curated bookshelf… and digital books don’t measure up at all in that regard!

I know that many of you have been waiting for my debut novel Ladybird Adrift to show up in print, and today is your lucky day! I’ve just officially signed off on the second edition, and it’s sitting all shiny and new on Amazon. Click here to purchase! (Of course, if you prefer the digital version, it’s still available for Kindle.)

If this is the first you’re hearing about this – here’s the back cover blurb:

Claudia “Ladybird” Johnson had always had a difficult life. With her 30th birthday fast approaching, she moves to the city in a desperate attempt to turn it all around. In a short period of time, her basic needs are met – she has new friends, a job, and a place to live… but she soon realizes that New York City is not the band-aid she thought it would be.

Enter Victor Raines, a kindred spirit 30 years her senior. A professor of literature at Columbia, his confidence draws Claudia in, despite her initial reluctance. As their relationship develops, Claudia begins to discover a clearer sense of self than she ever thought possible.

However, even as Claudia blossoms, Victor is deteriorating. Moody and withdrawn, every day he is less like the man she fell in love with. Together they struggle to make each moment count, but how long can she keep the fog from closing in?

“This moving and tender love story … will move every reader’s heart.”

– Lurlene McDaniel, best-selling author of “Losing Gabriel: A Love Story.”

“… gracefully rendered prose … this is a novel notable for its compassion and authenticity.”

– Walter E. Butts, late poet laureate of New Hampshire

“A beautifully written story about how a chance encounter has the power to transform…”

– Cindy Dorminy, Author of Left Hanging and In a Jam

I’ll be buying a box of copies shortly so you can always purchase them from me directly, as well. So if you’re interested in an autographed copy, get in contact with me and I can make that happen!

As always, I appreciate you all for taking the time to read my work – and that includes this blog. If you’ve enjoyed my novel, remember that the best way to support new authors like myself is to review their books (on Amazon, GoodReads, or BookBub), recommend their books (especially to book clubs), and share their work with your friends.

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