Meet Alison! Or is that “Miss P”?

Thanks for wandering over to my little corner of the blogosphere. (Um… are we still calling it the blogosphere? What’s an e-girl? Send help, I am old now.)

It’s been years since I’ve blogged with any sort of regularity, and even back then I didn’t have any sort of “plan,” I merely threw things together as life happened to me. (I often called my blog the “Seinfeld of blogs” aka, a blog about nothing!)

If you knew me back then… welcome back! Don’t expect this blog to look like the one you remember. My life has changed in many ways… and I’ve got a plan for this blog! This blog will go hand-in-hand with my other efforts, including…

  • Tucked-In Tales podcast
  • Children’s book writing
  • And a few other surprises down the line!

Let me first clear up one point of confusion – why am I calling myself Miss P? Who is Mr. P.? Who are Little P. and Baby P.? What happened to Alison?

Okay, so – if you know me in real life, you probably know me as Alison Downs. If you’re here because you’ve found my writing online, no doubt I was credited as Alison Downs on whatever you read, including my debut novel, Ladybird Adrift.

But – if you know me through my podcast or any of my work for children (excluding of course, the OG children’s programming, Alison’s Magic Carpet) you know me as Miss P. That’s because I am married now (woo hoo!) and my married name begins with a P. I thought it was a cute play on words to call my production company “Sweet Pea TV” (you’ll hear me say “Tucked-In Tales is a Sweet Pea TV production”). I’m Miss P., my husband is Mr. P., my stepson is Little P., and my daughter is Baby P.!

Why “Miss” P and not “Mrs.”? For the kids! From my time working in public schools, I noticed that children are often told to call their teachers “Miss [first name, last name, or first initial of the last name].” I certain regions, some students begin nearly every sentence to their teachers with “Miss”… really! I figured kids are already used to that, so why not take advantage of it?

Anyway, I don’t care what you call me. I’m just glad you’re here!

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